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Mother and daughter lifestyle shoot, Alice holt forest

It’s been a funny old year and we struggled to get a date for this shoot due to lovely British weather! One minute it’s pouring with rain, the next almost snowed in and before we know whether we’re coming or going we’re in a full on heatwave! Anyway, I FINALLY met up with Kim and her 5 year old daughter Chloe at Alice Holt Forest near Farnham and went for a little walk and a catch up – I happen to know Kim from my uni days about 9 years ago (God I feel old!!).

We had a really fun shoot with Chloe who was absolutely full of beans! She loved nothing more than running around (and making her Mum race her, much to her dismay!) and getting messy in muddy puddles. Some of the shots were more set up whilst at other times I went back into my natural documentary photography style which I specialise in at weddings. I love nothing more than to observe situations and looking out for those authentic moments that tell a story. Chloe had brought along her beloved “Moosey” who played hide and seek in a den we found, and right at the end of the shoot she found a painted rock which had been hidden by someone and she got to hide it again. To anyone visiting Alice Holt Forest scavenging for rocks - I have a feeling The Gruffalo from the Gruffalo Trail may have an inkling as to where it might be!!

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