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Life is Sweet at Priory Hall, London

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Last Saturday we shot our final wedding of the year at Priory Hall in London. It certainly didn’t feel like the end of September and the sun shone brightly for Caroline and Jethro on their beautiful day. Caroline is half Iranian and so their wedding included some wonderful Persian customs such as a Persian table (Sofreh-ye Aghd) prepared by her mother (a spread of herbs and spices, apples and pomegranates amongst many other beautiful things) to protect the newlyweds against evil spirits. At the end of the ceremony a canopy was held over their heads whilst sugar cones were rubbed together above them, to shower their marriage with sweetness. Finally was the honey ritual whereby the bride and groom dipped their fingers into a glass of honey to feed each other to symbolize the sweetness they will share in their lives together.

This wedding was unique to Caroline and Jethro in every way, taking influences from different backgrounds, and they did everything their way. It was a very relaxed occasion and above all there was a real feeling of joy from themselves, their family, and children running around, which radiated from their faces all day.

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