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A Slice of Life

Since our son entered the world I have been acutely aware of how fast time seems to be going. I forget what life was like just mere months ago and just want to bottle it up so as not to lose these precious moments! Not long ago I spent a lovely morning with the Warne family doing just this (in the medium of photography of course!!)

For those of you familiar with our wedding photography you’ll know our signature documentary style of shooting and this is something I want to emulate with my family photography. I could go on for ages about my reasons for this but I think I’ll save that for another blog post and get on with sharing a selection of photos from their day!

When we met up it was a very transitional and poignant time in their lives when Rosie was about to start nursery, and Benji primary school. When I arrived at their house they were finishing off breakfast and getting dressed, ready to go out. There was just enough time for a bit of “band practice” with Dad while Mum was busy packing up the snacks to take with us. I was very impressed with Benji’s drumming skills and Dad wasn’t too bad on the bass either! Once they were finished we all jumped in the car and headed off to St. Martha’s in Guildford for a beautiful sunny adventure!

Rather than setting the shoot up I took a step back and let them explore to their hearts content and let things happen naturally. They had great fun writing in the sand and playing on a rope swing, but the highlight had to be the discovery of Norman the Newt and Fynnius the Frog!! (N.B. no creatures were harmed in the making of this shoot and all were returned safely to their homes!!) We had a walk around for over an hour, exploring the church and the surrounding countryside overlooking the stunning South Downs. By that point we were all getting a bit hungry, so we decided to made tracks and drove back home for a play in the garden and a delicious BBQ!

It was a really enjoyable morning out and whilst they got some great photos to enjoy now, I am confident that in years to come they will mean even more to them and spark some treasured memories of this wonderful time with all the family together.

If you’re interested in family photos - documentary/lifestyle/’day in the life’ kind of thing – then do watch this space as I plan to have some more info up in the near future! Alternatively contact me with your ideas, I’d love to hear from you!

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